Water data analysis software updated

The latest release of AquaChem™ 2010 water data analysis software from Schlumberger Water Services is now compatible with a Hydro GeoAnalyst™ SQL Server ™ database, while based on Microsoft Access ™ database structure.

AquaChem 2010 offers a batch processing mode for plots and Mann-Kendall trends that will significantly reduce the time required to analyze changes in water quality at multiple sites. These improved Quality Assurance and Quality Control tools will facilitate interpretation of duplicate samples and provide a means to detect sites with concentrations above background levels – something not possible with the use of guideline criteria alone.

The new plot features will present data in new styles and formats, allow for correlation of hydrographs to field/lab samples, and generate higher resolution reports.

“In every water quality monitoring program, the question of whether contaminant concentrations are increasing or decreasing is fundamental,” said Martin Draeger, marketing manager SWS. “The enhancements in AquaChem 2010 will allow our customers to more quickly analyze, plot, and report trends in concentrations, whether it is for tens or thousands of samples.”

In a preliminary test by UK Environment Agency, AquaChem demonstrated a 90% reduction in the time required to calculate Mann-Kendall trends for 200 parameters at 3000 wells, with samples dating back to 1996.

Visit www.swstechnology.com/software to download a trial.

For more information, contact: Martin Draeger, Marketing Manager, Schlumberger Water Services
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