Membrane tester can cope with MF, UF or RO

On show for the first time at the recent EuroMed 2010 event in Tel Aviv was a desktop size machine for testing membranes.

The OSMO Inspector 2, from Netherlands-based Convergence BV, is a high quality fluid system, which is fully automated and available in versions for microfiltration/ultrafiltration (30 bar) up to reverse osmosis (90 bar).

Developed in the University of Twente, the machine delivers a compact, fully automated solution for hollow-fibre membrane characterization and process optimization. Equiped with Coriolis-based flow controllers, highly sensitive pressure sensors and automatic valves, the OSMO Inspector 2 is built using only industry-leading components. In addition, its new, easy-to-use software provides all the tools needed to easily perform complex and long-term crossflow and dead-end experiment.

Different sizes are available from microflow up to small pilot plant (flows 50-2,000 mL/h).