WRRF seeks proposals for desalination discharge database

The WateReuse Research Foundation has issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) for collection of information on seawater desalination and establishment of a database of permitting requirements for discharges.

The project is Database of Permitting Practices for Seawater Concentrate Disposal
 (WRRF-13-07). Proposals are due by 19 November 2013.

Desalination project information and a permitting decision-tree will allow for both the permit applicant and the permitting agencies to gain common ground in terms of expectations and requirements, which could shorten or eliminate the permitting learning curve on both sides.

This project will identify the discharge information that permitting agencies need and the decision-making process they go through to permit alternative discharge methods to help desalination project proponents focus and expedite their permitting efforts.

The scope of the project includes the following:

· Collect information on seawater desalination projects in the US, Australia, and Spain, including plant size, technologies, permitting requirements and source and concentrate water quality characterization.
· For each desalination project, prepare a list of all discharge-related permits which had to be obtained and permitting agencies issuing the permits.
· Work with permit agencies to understand the decision-making tree process for key seawater desalination projects permitted by the state.
· Develop compendium of permitting practices discussing various approaches for regulating seawater plant discharges.

Further information is available on the WateReuse website.