WRRF seeks desalination IM&E mitigation methodology

The WateReuse Research Foundation has issued a request for proposals for development of a methodology for mitigating the dangers to aquatic life posed by seawater desalination plant intakes.

Under the foundation’s Solicited Research Program and Feasibility Studies Program, research contractors are invited to bid for Methodology for Development of an Impingement Mortality & Entrainment (IM&E) Mitigation Program (WateReuse-13-06) by 25 September 2013.

The withdrawal of seawater poses a risk of IM&E of aquatic organisms. A scientifically based methodology is needed to translate IM&E impacts from seawater desalination plant intake operations into practical measures to mitigate such impacts.

This project will identify and analyze IM&E mitigation methods, provide case studies, develop a methodology for implementing an IM&E mitigation program, and define the scope of field studies needed to monitor the performance of the mitigation program.

The overall goal of this project is to provide clear understanding of the available IM&E mitigation methods to aid in planning and permitting desalination projects.

The project has a US$ 100,000 budget.