WRRF launches two new water reuse projects

The WateReuse Research Foundation announced two new research projects at the end of February 2013, one looking at direct and one at indirect water reuse.

Downstream – Context, Understanding, Acceptance: Effect of Prior Knowledge of Unplanned Potable Reuse on the Acceptance of Planned Potable Reuse (WRF-09-01) is to evaluate whether people are likelier to accept drinking water reuse when they understand the full context of the water cycle: that all water is reused.

The Future of Purple Pipes: Exploring the Best Use of Nonpotable Recycled Water in Diversified Urban Water Systems (WRF-10-14) will explore the future of purple pipes in Australia and the United States over the next 10 to 20 years in the context of increasing diversity of water supplies to ensure water security.