Work starts on Queensland desalination plant

Preliminary work is beginning at the start of 2010 for a desalination plant to serve the Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy communities in Queensland, Australia.

The AgnesWater/Seventeen Seventy Integrated Water Project, which will be managed by United Utilities Australia, will involve the construction of a desalination plant, sewerage treatment plant upgrade, water and sewerage reticulation and a reservoir for Seventeen Seventy.

Desalination, combined with wastewater treatment, offered Gladstone Regional Council the lowest whole-of-life cost solution, with minimal impacts to the community and the environment. The preferred supply strategy also offered the option of implementing a long-term integrated water solution with the capacity for staged expansion (adding modules to the desalination plant as required) to support future population growth and development of both towns.

With an initial operating capacity of 1,500 m³/d, the desalination plant will have the potential to expand production capacity to 7,500 m³/d.