United Water and Degremont Infilco set up new research base

Two US subsidiaries of Suez Environnement launched a four-project research venture worth US$ 1.2 million to advance innovative efforts in providing safe drinking water and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment.

United Water and Infilco Degremont launched the United Water Environment Research Center on 7 January 2010 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Degremont’s North American R & D facility in Richmond, Virginia, where some of the research projects are already under way.

The initial projects include

  • Innovative management techniques to recharge groundwater aquifers without causing naturally occurring contaminants in the rock to migrate into the water;
  • Testing of treatment processes to remove pharmaceutical and personal-care product contaminants from drinking water;
  • Improved wastewater treatment methods to remove certain contaminants from methane gases used for energy production; and
  • Reducing energy consumption for applications of advanced membrane bioreactor technology in wastewater.
  • While the initial projects were awarded by Suez’s R&I Alliance, the United WERC will also pursue research funded by and in collaboration with other industry organizations, universities and government entities.