West Basin seeking powerplant site for desalination plant

Two power companies are in talks with Southern California’s West Basin Municipal Water District over the 20 MGD (75,700 m³/d) desalination plant planned by the district.

Sites owned by AES Southland at Redondo Beach and NRG Energy in El Segundo are possibilities for the seawater desalination plant.

Noelle Collins for West Basin told D&WR on 14 May 2012 that the district was wrapping up its research at its Temporary Ocean-Water Desalination Demonstration Facility at the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach later this year and early next year.

“We’re still working on our master plan for the full-scale project,” Collins stated. “It’s just the beginning. Once we finalise our master plan and complete our research at the demonstration facility, then we’ll move forward on a full-scale facility.”