IPO in summer for China’s H2O Solutions

Shanghai-based H2O Solutions announced on 11 May 2012 that the company, which specializes in nano-membrane purification and multi-charged plate desalination technologies, was taking its stock public in the summer of 2012.

This initial public offering (IPO) is expected to commence on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Analysts expect the launch share price to be HK$ 61 (US$ 7.96 as of this release), based on conservative estimates of market conditions as well as confirmed and expected product orders.

Since introducing its modular desalination units with low-maintenance ceramic components, H2O Solutions has quickly become a force in industrial and civic scale desalination equipment manufacturing. With installed units across Asia and recent major orders in the Middle East, the company says that demand is close to exceeding the companies’ plant capacities, in spite of a major expansion in production facilities.

The IPO will provide the needed capital to build plants that will satisfy the fast-rising demand for the company’s desalination units.

H2O Solutions says it provides innovative solutions that include development, testing, integration, engineering and manufacturing of an array of water treatment systems. Through joint projects with key international partners, the company offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly water purification and desalination systems.