Water Standard finds its shipbuilder in Samsung

Texas-based Water Standard and Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries announced an agreement on 28 June 2011 to collaborate on the design and development of vessels to deliver water treatment solutions to the offshore oil and gas sector.

This follows Water Standard’s announcement on 21 June 2011 of a global frame agreement with Shell to develop technology and innovative new water-based approaches in support of Shell’s groundbreaking enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects worldwide.

Water Standard provides specialized water treatment services and proprietary process solutions and designs for water-based enhanced oil recovery and produced water, including its Seawater Desalination Vessel. Led by a team experienced in water treatment, marine and offshore project development, including former president of the International Desalination Association Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard offers innovative state-of-the-art EOR solutions to deliver customized reservoir-specific product water chemistry, maximizing oil recovery through every phase of injection.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with Samsung Heavy Industries,” said Amanda Brock, Water Standard CEO. “This partnership combines Water Standard’s unique strengths and focus on a market that is growing rapidly with Samsung Heavy Industries’ globally recognized track record as one of the world’s leading shipbuilders, pioneering the construction of next- generation and value-added vessels for the offshore oil and gas industry.”

“We are very much pleased to work with Water Standard for the desalination vessel project which will mark the world’s first and groundbreaking achievement in that sector,” said a senior spokesperson from Samsung.