Tri-Tech to expand large UF/NF plant in China

The City of Ordos in China is to build what will be the largest water treatment plant in the world using ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) when it expands its existing plant to 148,000 m³/d.

Beijing-based Tri-Tech Holding Inc has been awarded the contract for the expansion valued at approximately Yuan 130 million (US$ 20 million). This project is a follow-up to the initial US$ 40 million build-transfer contract awarded to Tri-Tech in 2010 for a 96,000 m³/d plant.

Under the new contract, Tri-Tech will provide design optimization, procurement, installation, startup and commissioning, training of the client’s personnel, a manual for operation and maintenance of the plant, and other services as needed.

The expansion phase is designed to allow processing of 104,000 m³/d treated via the traditional flocculation, sedimentation and conventional filtration process. Then approximately 50% of the treated water, or 52,000 m³, will undergo UF and NF treatment.

On completion of the initial and the expansion phases, the combined output of up to 200,000 m³/d will comply with the national drinking water standards as spelled out in the GB5749 (2006), of which 148,000 m³/d will be UF and NF water.

The project is scheduled for initial test runs no later than 30 June 2012. After completion of the tests, the ownership of the water purification plant will transfer to Dongsheng District of Ordos City.

The largest existing similar plant is the Mery-Sur-Oise Water Treatment Plant in Paris, France, which has a daily capacity of approximately 140,000 m³.