Water reuse is growing rapidly as part of the water management mix, and now we want your views of this fast-growing sector.

Water. desalination + reuse, the official members magazine of the IDA (Intl. Desalination Assoc.), is conducting original market research into challenges and opportunities in the growing water reuse market — the drivers, barriers, technology, and innovations that are shaping water reuse today.

The resulting research will provide actionable insights and intelligence for people who are currently in, or want to become involved in water reuse, whether client-side, project delivery, or technology companies.

  • What are the key drivers for water reuse globally?
  • What are the leading technologies in water reuse?
  • What innovations are driving reuse?
  • How does public opinion impact on reuse?

The key findings from this research will be presented at IDA World Congress 2017 in Sau Paulo, Brazil, and will be made available to survey participants.

Water Reuse: Divers, Innovations, and Public Perceptions is live today. Have your say in this important industry research.

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