VSEP system treats Colombian landfill leachate

Calfornia-based New Logic Research (NLR) announced on 8 February 2012 that it had successfully commissioned a landfill leachate treatment system in Colombia using its vibratory shear enhanced process (VSEP) membrane separation system.

The vibrating membrane system is operating at a landfill in Buga, a city of 100,000 people located in western Colombia. The 20 ha landfill receives 570 t of household trash daily from 18 municipalities.

Using reverse-osmosis membrane technology, the 40,000 GPD (150 m³/d) VSEP system transforms the landfill leachate into water for irrigation. Whereas traditional membrane systems would be quickly and permanently coated by the strong contaminants in the leachate, the VSEP’s patented vibration system prevents such adhesion, allowing pure water to pass through the membranes unimpeded.

According to NLR CEO Greg Johnson, the Colombian installation is the latest in a string of leachate installations in Central and South America.

“While we’ve always enjoyed a global customer base, VSEP installations south of Mexico were few until fairly recently,” said Johnson. “Our current success is the result not only of increased regulatory enforcement, but the growth, talent and hard work of our distributor network.”

Prior to the VSEP installation, rain threatened to overflow the seven leachate ponds at the landfill. With the VSEP system now working around the clock, pond levels are being reduced continuously. The next phase of the project (already in the planning stages) aims to expand the VSEP system by 100%.