Chilean powerplant buys MVC desalination unit from IDE

Chilean power company Norgener (owned by AES Gener) has ordered an additional mechanical vapour compression (MVC) desalination unit from IDE Technologies to provide supplementary boiler-feed water to a powerplant in Tocopilla.

Announcing the order on 8 February 2012, IDE said it had previously supplied the plant with MVC units, which had been in operation for the past two decades.

The new unit will yield an additional capacity of 600 m³/d of filtered water from a Pacific Ocean source. Highly efficient evaporator-condensers will provide the increased water supply required in a cost-efficient manner, while requiring minimal levels of energy and a small footprint.

“We continue to be very pleased with our pure water cycles due to the reliability of IDE’s MVC solution, which has been operating successfully for years,” said Daniel Montino of AES Gener. “IDE provides a great level of assistance and quality that is excellent.”


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