Veolia launches mobile UF unit in Europe

A mobile ultrafiltration (UF) unit from Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies now available in Europe for industrial water treatment. It is also available in North and South America.

Launching the AquaMove™ MOFI-UF-65C on 16 February 2012, Veolia stated that UF is the most appropriate pretreatment technology upstream of reverse osmosis (RO), for reduction of organic substances or microorganisms.

The unit completes the large European range of 130 AquaMove mobile units and meets new needs to treat water with suspended solids and organics with high fouling indices. It replaces the current mobile AquaMove MOFI sand, cartridge and bag filters for surface water treatment, pretreatment upstream of RO or ion exchange, plant downtime for maintenance purposes, secondary effluent of conventional wastewater treatment and water reuse.

Being a mobile unit, it is available from Veolia service teams for emergency or planned temporary interventions to ensure production continuity.

The new unit has been designed by Veolia’s German subsidiary VWS Aquantis, which specializes in membrane technologies. The sizing (flow-rates, connections) of the MOFI-UF-65C “plug & play” with other AquaMove units:

  • Upstream of the mobile MORO reverse-osmosis units for ultra-pure water production
  • Downstream from the mobile Actiflo™ clarification unit for industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse.
  • Housed in a 40 ft (12 m) container, the MOFI-UF unit is compact and easily transportable. It is flexible and produces a flow from 20 m³/h to 100 m³/h depending on the water quality, with a nominal rate of 65 m³/h. A remote control facilitates maintenance follow-up and ensures optimum operation.