The European Desalination Society is joining the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to present a joint workshop on Desalination in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The event will take place on 5-7 March 2012 in Rome, Italy.

The SPE says that this workshop is the first in a global series of events on water handling. Inputs from each workshop will be collected and edited into a scribe report posted online and accessible by all of the series participants. Each posted report will build on those that came before it with participants encouraged to comment on and discuss further the topics of these postings as part of an online community.

Desalination is becoming increasingly important in the oil and gas industry with applications including:

Production of Low Salinity Water for: Water flooding; Polymer enhanced oil recovery water injection; Boiler feed water for steam flooding; and Desalting of crude oil.

Treatment of Saline Produced Waters in: Shale-gas fracturing flowback; Surface discharge; and Coal-bed methane operations.

Successful implementation of desalination systems is challenging. This is particularly true offshore or in isolated onshore locations. There are many technical problems which can be overcome by sharing experience across not only oil and gas projects but also across industries.

In this workshop, experts from the oil and gas industry, together with experts from the water treatment industry, will discuss common issues, challenges and potential solutions. Oil and gas projects involving desalination will be presented, together with technical ideas from both industries.

Topics to be discussed include design and operational requirements, research and development projects, economic constraints and typical project execution models and timelines.

The workshop will follow a typical SPE workshop format, in that the timetable has been designed to allow for post-presentation discussions, which will enable maximum interaction and case cross-industry learning.

The workshop brochure can be downloaded from the SPE website. Registration is still open despite the date on the brochure.