VA Tech Wabag wins industrial reuse plant in Gujarat

Ultrafiltration (UF), reverse-osmosis (RO) and a membrane bioreactor (MBR) will all be part of a 32,420 m³/d effluent treatment and recycling plant to be built in India by Chennai-based VA Tech Wabag.

The company announced on 15 June 2012 that it had been chosen by Reliance Industries Ltd for the treatment plant to serve its proposed PTA & PET Manufacturing Plant in Dahej, Gujarat, which will also be a tertiary treatment plant for the Reliance Hazira Complex. Contract value was Rs 2.7 billion (US$ 48.7 million).

The facility will have anaerobic treatment using an upflow anerobic sludge blanket, followed by aerobic treatment using MBR technology. The recycling facility will then use UF and RO, and its output will be reused in the Dahej complex.

The plant will be the first large-scale recycling plant for PTA wastewater in India. As part of the total order, VA Tech Wabag is executing two side projects: provision of side-stream filters for the Reliance Dahej Manufacturing Plant and another for the tertiary treatment plant for the Reliance Hazira Complex.

According to Patrick Andrade, head of industrial water business, this is the first time in India that a sandwich-type mixed-bed system will be used for demineralisation.