US pilot study of desalination and reuse public acceptance

The WateReuse Association wants to create a model for how it can assist its members and others in increasing public acceptance of water reuse and desalination projects and announced on 9 June 2009 a new request for proposals (RFP) to conduct a pilot study.

The pilot study will develop best approaches and methodologies for a national campaign.

The goals of such a strategy would be to:

  • Elevate awareness within key audiences on the benefits of water reuse and desalination, along with safety and acceptability;
  • Shift public perception in key regions of the country with the greatest need for water reuse and desalination in the next decade;
  • Educate media and other targeted groups as to how best communicate the facts on water reuse and desalination; and
  • Coordinate with and promote social science research underway by the WateReuse Foundation.
  • The Water Reuse & Desalination Positioning Strategy – Pilot Study will be in a limited geographic area, possibly linking to a large water utility or utilities in an area that could benefit from the effort. Potential locations for selection might include Miami, Tampa, Dallas, El Paso or San Jose; however, the proposer is at liberty to select the locality.

    The pilot project would provide WateReuse with tools, resources, and recommendations for expanding the outreach efforts to other locations and/or nationwide.

    Proposals Due: 27 July 2009
    Email project manager: Zachary Dorsey
    View RFP