Upgraded UF range launched by Norit X-Flow

The second generation of the Aquaflex™ ultrafiltration (UF) technology was announced by Norit X- Flow on 28 January 2010.

The company says that the upgrade offers the best performance at the lowest financial and environmental footprint available in the industry today.

Performance and efficiency gains claimed for the new technology include:

– 40% more filtration surface per membrane module
– Up to 25% higher flux rates from the re-engineered Aquaflex skid
– 90-98% recovery rate
– 75% overall increase in permeate output
– 50% reduction in chemical use with Norit Smart Technology
– Microbiological retention (bacteria: 99.9999%, viruses: 99.99%)
– Up to 40% reduction in CAPEX/OPEX

The latest Aquaflex system combines the vertical design of Aquaflex inside- out technology with the advantages of a minor bleed flow across the membrane surface as well as a module with a larger surface area. This allows a client’s system to be designed with higher flux rates, reduced footprint and the flexibility to treat a broader range of feed water qualities.

By applying a minor bleed flow, the fouling layer on the membrane surface is minimized and the fouling potential of the membranes is significantly reduced. Consequently for similar feed water qualities, Norit AquaflexTM provides higher fluxes, longer filtration times, less membrane cleaning and higher recoveries, which means lower investment and operational costs.

The new system integrates Norit Smart Technology, a newly developed automated intelligence algorithm that ensures maximum system performance and run-time while minimizing the energy and chemical usage. The system can respond in real-time to feed water quality and system changes by adjusting settings as needed, thus eliminating excess energy and chemicals.

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