RO units diverted from Bermuda to Haiti

Two reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination units scheduled for a client in Bermuda have been diverted for Haiti earthquake disaster relief by Florida-based Water Treatment Systems Inc (WTS).

The equipment was recently completed and was due to be shipped to Bermuda.

WTS and their client have agreed that the systems would be more valuable if used to make potable water for Haitians in crisis. The RO plants can produce 227,000 L/d each and can be set up quickly almost anywhere there is sea water and electrical power.

“We are pleased that our client has agreed to allow us to make these systems available for shipment to Haiti,” said Jeff Dunn, president of Water Treatment Systems. “It takes three months to manufacture them and the client will wait for a new set to be produced. The most important need we have now is a person or agency to purchase the systems and ship them to Haiti.”

· Haiti is also the destination for seven Perfector-E compact water treatment systems from Norit X-Flow in partnership with Dutch water company PWN. The units are capable of producing a total of nearly 90,000 gal/d (340,000 L/d) of reliable drinking water per day for the Haiti victims.