Upgrade and options for ClydeUnion split‑case pump

ClydeUnion Pumps of the UK has improved the seal and bearing options and introduced standard steel-alloy variants for its Uniglide-e split-case pump.

The company displayed the pump, thousands of which have been distributed to customers in 30 countries, at the recent International Desalination Association world congress in Perth, Australia.

ClydeUnion committed significant investment in R&D to develop a new version of its split-case pump range, by creating the Uniglide-e, which was awarded Technology Innovation of the year by the British Pump Manufacturer Association.

The design focus was to maximise the pump efficiency levels as well as improve the maintenance aspect of the pump to better meet customers’ requirements. Another important benefit of the Uniglide-e is its major footprint reduction of 70% in vertical configuration, without added cost.