Minister visits commissioned Spanish desalination plant

Spain’s minister for environment and rural and marine affairs, Rosa Aguilar, visited the 20,000 m³/d Bajo Almanzora seawater desalination plant in Almería province on 20 September 2011 on the occasion of its commissioning.

The reverse-osmosis plant, which cost € 75.9 million, aims to meet the growing demand for water resources, agriculture and coastal villages in this part of Almeria.

Developed by Acuamed, the state-owned water agency for this region, the Bajo Almanzora plant was co-financed by the European Union and aims to meet the growing demand for water resources for agriculture and coastal villages of this area of Almeria, two key sectors for economic development in this area.

The Bajo Almanzora plant also will be interconnected with the Carboneras desalination plant through the pipeline and executed by Acuamed, which entered service this summer

These plants are the key to the future Lift Network Infrastructure, comprises the Negratín-Almanzora transfer, the two desalination plants and several major distribution pipelines, thus forming an interconnected system of supply.

Acuamed awarded the project to the joint venture formed by Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, FCC Construcción y Servicios, Procesos Ambientales, and Aqualia Gestión Integral del Agua, to carry out construction, operation and maintenance for 15 years.