UF nuclear plant contract for inge in China

Germany’s inge watertechnologies AG will equip the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant near Dalian in the east of China with its dizzer 5000plus ultrafiltration (UF) modules, each rated for an output of up to 5.0 m³/h each.

Several hundred modules will be used in combination with reverse osmosis for seawater desalination. Up to 26,000 m³/d of seawater are to be desalinated and treated for cooling water in the power plant.

The Hongyanhe power plant will comprise six blocks with a total output of 600 MW. The total capital expenditure amounts to US$ 2.88 billion and completion is scheduled for 2011.

Says Bruno Steis, managing director, “There is no doubt that the great reliability of our UF membranes was one winning factor. Not a single fibre breakage has occurred in six years. We are happy that we will first-time equip a nuclear power plant in addition to our existing power plant projects including coal power stations in China, Italy and Russia.”