UF module introduced at WEFTEC 09

German ultrafiltration (UF) equipment provider inge watertechnologies AG has chosen WEFTEC 09, which opens in Orlando, Florida, on 12 October 2009, to introduce the dizzer XL 0.9 MB 60.

Part of inge’s new generation of products featuring a 60 m² membrane surface area, major advances in membrane geometry have boosted the water treatment capacity of this new module by 20% – without any increase in the module’s size. Integrated into inge’s own T-Rack rack system, this compact system now boasts a footprint that is smaller again than conventional modular designs.

The core component of the new “dizzer” product line is the new generation of the patented Multibore membrane developed by inge. This optimized design increases permeability by almost one-third while maintaining the same high levels of virus and bacteria retention. It also features enhancements to the honeycomb structure of the membrane’s geometry.

The cross-section of a Multibore membrane reveals seven perfectly round capillaries (see photo). The company has succeeded in controlling two key factors independently in the production process, namely the thickness of the outer layer and the space between the capillaries.

This means it is now possible to reduce the outer diameter from 4.3 mm to 4.0 mm while maintaining the same thickness for the outer layer and the same capillary diameter (0.9 mm). This makes it possible to increase the membrane surface area from 50 m² to 60 m², a 20% improvement over the previous dizzer 5000 model.

At the same time, there is virtually no contact between the membranes in the modules, which is an important factor in maintaining the correct operating pressure: the fewer the points of contact between the membranes, the lower the pressure loss.

Peter Berg, Chief Technology Officer of inge watertechnologies AG, explains further: “These additional improvements to our membrane have once again given us a huge competitive advantage thanks to our ability to fully exploit the advantages of our Multibore technology. It is not possible to increase the density of conventional single-bore membranes to this extent without causing stability problems or hydrodynamic losses.”

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