TWO process to recover sodium sulphate from ion-exchange

California-based Catalyx Inc has signed a build-own-operate contract with RG Global Lifestyles Inc, which owns Catalyx Fluid Systems (CFS), for a brine dehydration system to facilitate recovery of sodium sulfate from ion-exchange regenerant brine.

The system will be built around Catalyx’s patent-pending Two-Way Osmosis (TWO) system that utilizes a special membrane to employ forward osmosis combined with reverse osmosis desalination to dewater 5%-7% sodium sulfate brine without the need for additional chemical or other pretreatment (see also Product News).

The TWO dewatering system is expected to reduce the volume of concentrated liquid waste by 50%. The further concentration will reduce regenerate brine disposal costs for RG Global significantly, as well as allow RG Global to start recovering the valuable sodium sulfate for sale to industries.

RG Global is currently involved with treating discharge water from coal-bed methane wells using CFS technology at the Powder River coalfield in Wyoming.

“After months of pilot testing, we are convinced this system will significantly increase our profitability,” said Grant King, CEO of RG Global. “The most significant cost of operation in a landlocked state like Wyoming is the disposal of concentrated waste. While our regenerant waste is already the lowest in industry, further concentration allows us to cut costs more and turn the sodium sulfate into a revenue-generating product.”