Two new FilmTec membranes

Dow Water Solutions (DWS) announced two new FilmTec 8-in salt-water reverse-osmosis membrane elements in early October, the SW30XHR-400i and SW30ULE-400i, for improved performance and energy efficiency in desalination applications.

At 99.80%, the SW30XHR-400i has the highest salt rejection consistently demonstrated in the industry. It also effectively removes boron and other dissolved solids to help plant operators and municipalities meet increasingly stringent drinking water standards economically.

With a guaranteed active area of 400 ft² and flowrate of 6,000 gallons per day (gpd), the elements are said to enhance productivity and exhibit high performance over operating lifetime. The automated fabrication allows for the use of shorter membrane leaves, reducing fouling and further contributing to product efficiency.

The SW30ULE-400i elements have a greater flow rate of 11,000 gpd with 99.70% salt rejection, offering flow twice that of the original seawater element introduced in 1985, without having to sacrifice salt rejection. They are especially suited for seawater desalination at low temperatures, in addition to high-TDS brackish water systems.

Both membranes are offered with iLECTM interlocking caps that reduce pressure drop wthin the permeate tube and help eliminate the o-ring damage that can be a cause of major leakage in traditional desalination membrane systems.

“After three years of pilot testing and commercial experience, enhancements like those featured in our new desalination membrane elements are helping Dow reach its goal to reduce the cost of desalination by 35% by 2015,” said Cedella Beazley, global marketing manager, DWS.
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