Trailer-mounted UF/RO unit works off solar power

A trailer-mounted, solar-powered membrane-based water treatment/desalination unit, specially designed for supply after a natural disaster or for independent water supply in remote areas, is now available from the Swiss-based company Trunz Water Systems AG.

The Trunz Water Trailer can be equipped with a solar-powered TWS 200 water treatment system or a TSS 200/TBS 200 desalination system. It provides 250-900 L/h of potable water from any water source and can be equipped with ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis.

Solar panels and/or a wind generator provide enough power to operate the unit. Incoming energy is stored in batteries and if required, all extra energy can be used to charge other devices. In case of bad weather conditions, the system is equipped with a generator.

The system is complete with trailer, feed pump, automatic back flushing filtration, batteries, solar panels and controls. The system is very compact, easy to install and to maintain.

The Trunz Water Trailer purifies water in two stages: an automatic back flushing prefiltration system removes larger particles. In a second stage, an energy-efficient reverse-osmosis system removes contamination such as virus, bacteria as well as dissolved solids.

The proprietary Pearson energy-recovery pump allows high energy savings in comparison to other available solutions on the market.

The system is complete and ready to operate. No further equipment is necessary and putting into operation takes only a few minutes. The unit is specially designed to work under the harshest conditions.

For more information, contact: Andrea Trunz – Marketing, Trunz Water Systems AG
Tel: +41 71 447 85 44
Email: [email protected]