Mumbai set for two 100,000 m³/d desalination plants

The Maharashtra government committee looking into desalination for Mumbai, India, has decided on two 100,000 m³/d plants using the reverse-osmosis plants in Chennai as a blueprint, although it is acknowledged that seawater conditions are different.

A deadline of late 2013 has been set for completion of the first phase, likely to provide 25,000 m³/d. A feasibility study over the next six months will examine the options.

Daily News & Analysis reported on 7 September 2010 a source on the committee worrying that standard potable water might not be possible due to the pollution level, described as “extremely high”.

“The desalination plants may not be able to get rid of all the pollutants,” the source said.

The two plants are likely to be split between the Brihanmumbai (Greater Mumbai) Municipal Corporation and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority.