Three new water-reuse research RFPs from WRF

The WateReuse Research Foundation in the USA issued three new requests for proposals for research projects on 13 August 2010:

Fit for Purpose Water: The Cost of “Over-Treating” Reclaimed and Other Water – WateReuse-10-01
The objective is to create a framework document to help ensure that the right process and technology is applied to match water quality with its intended use, without expending unnecessary funds, energy or greenhouse-gas emissions to treat water beyond what is suitable or necessary for the intended application.
Proposals due: 23 September 2010
Project manager: Caroline Sherony

Development of Bio-Analytical Techniques to Assess the Potential Human Health Impacts of Recycled Water – WateReuse-10-07
The primary objectives are to:

  • Review currently available in vitro or short-term in vivo bio-analytical tools and identify those that are the most promising to assess the effects of recycled/reclaimed water exposure on human health;
  • Outline a validation plan for these bio-analytical tools by applying selected bio-assays and develop an operational process using a minimum of three laboratories using a range of reuse water matrices; and
  • Plan and conduct laboratory research and the necessary activities to develop interpretation guidelines for bio-analytical techniques.
  • Proposals due: 7 October 2010
    Project manager(s): Anna Durden or Julie Minton

    Guidance for Implementing Water Reuse in New Buildings and Developments to Achieve LEED Sustainability Goals – WateReuse-10-08

    The objective is to investigate the potential of integrating reclaimed/recycled water systems to meet sustainable objectives within residential and commercial buildings, as well as to identify the limits to implementation. This project will also develop guidelines for developers, engineers and architects who choose to implement reclaimed/recycled water systems, including the scope of necessary infrastructure, the costs of implementation, the applicable regulations and associated benefits.
    Proposals due: 23 September 2010
    Project manager: Caroline Sherony