Three desalination workshops follow IDA World Congress

Three different aspects of desalination will be covered in workshops announced on 10 September 2009 by the International Desalination Association (IDA), which will follow its upcoming World Congress in Dubai.

The courses, on 12 November 2009, cover three different aspects of desalination and desalination technologies: Management and Economics; Reverse Osmosis (RO) Operation and Maintenance; and Membrane Desalination Fouling, Energy and Cost Management.

Dr Corrado Sommariva of ILF Consulting Engineers will lead the Management & Economics workshop. Topics include considerations for selection of desalination technologies including seawater requirements, land footprint, product water quality and energy requirements; analysis of project delivery mechanisms including the advantages and disadvantages of multiple contracts, turnkey contracts, management contracts and private finance initiatives; funding and budgeting of desalination projects; and a description of the option for tariff modeling.

The RO O&M workshop will be led by David Paul, president of David H Paul Inc. The eight-hour program provides a thorough exploration of RO technologies, including membranes and elements, nanofiltration, pressure vessels, brackish water and seawater RO units and pretreatment techniques.

The workshop on Membrane Desalination Fouling, Energy & Cost Management will focus on ways to effectively manage these three critical aspects of seawater membrane desalination plants. It will address the latest advancements in membrane and energy recovery technologies, based on practical experience at desalination plants around the world. Course leaders are Eng Mohamad Amin Saad, Masar Technologies, and Dr Irving Moch Jr.

For more information about the Workshops, visit the IDA Congress website,