Super-duplex ball valve for desalination launched

A super-duplex stainless-steel ball valve for corrosive environments such as desalination and reverse-osmosis has been introduced by Victaulic.

The Series 726D Super Duplex Stainless Steel Vic-Ball Valve is a grooved-end high-pressure full-port ball valve that provides faster, easier and safer installation than flanged or butt-weld valves.

The valve can withstand pressures of up to 8,200 kPa (1,200 psi) and is connected with the Victaulic Style 489DX rigid coupling, which requires only two bolts to form a secure joint.

“Field assembly is extremely fast,” explains Stephen Morrison, global water systems technology market director at Victaulic, “and with a smaller profile than a flanged valve assembly, the Series 726D also achieves significant space savings, allowing it to be installed with ease in tight spaces. This makes it extremely attractive for engineers in our market.”

The Series 726D valve offers excellent flow characteristics and uses less energy than more restrictive types of valves. The two-piece, end-entry design features a floating ball for lower torque requirements.

A unique patent-pending composite seat design provides bubble-tight sealing ability for high- and low-pressure requirements. A stem-seal cartridge enables easy stem-seal replacement.

The valve features an ISO 5211 standard mounting pattern for convenient mounting of remote actuation, including a full range of power actuators and is available in 60-150 mm.