Danfoss adds to RO high-pressure pump range

Danish pump manufacturer Danfoss has added a higher capacity high-pressure pump to its APP range for small and medium-sized reverse osmosis (RO) plants.

The latest addition, APP 38, has a capacity of 38 m³/h and is thus the APP pump with the largest capacity to date – despite sharing the same small footprint as the APP 21-30 pumps. The new APP 38 follows the successful introduction of the APP 16-22 pumps, unveiled by Danfoss at the International Desalination Association’s World Congress in Australia in September 2011.

Danfoss sales director Jesper Bentzen says that the APP 38 represents an important milestone for the RO division.

“Pound for pound, and cubic inch for cubic inch, the APP 38 gives more high- pressure capacity than any other pump on the market. We know from our market research that this one pump can replace many double-pump configurations. And we also expect to break into new segments as customers discover the advantages of such high capacity with a small footprint and low energy bills,” he said.

Like all other APP pumps, the new APP 38 is exceptionally energy-efficient, operating at up to 97% volumetric efficiency. The axial piston design results in constant flow regardless of pressure variations, as well as fewer moving parts for improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Belt drivers and pulsation dampers are both redundant with the APP series, and no oil lubrication is needed, as the pumped medium itself lubricates moving parts.

The APP range extends from 0.6 m³/h up to 38 m³/h.