STW Resources gets Aquatech mobile units for oil/gas treatment

US water reclamation services company STW Resources Holding Corp has signed an agreement with Aquatech International to purchase and/or lease a fleet of mobile units for the treatment and reclamation of hydraulic fracture flow-back and produced waters from oil and gas production.

Stanley Weiner, CEO of Texas-based STW Resources, commented, “Our agreement with Aquatech is part of STW’s roadmap to provide water reclamation to producers in the Marcellus Shale region (Pennsylvania). Mobile water reclamation units utilizing a proven water evaporation technology can potentially save oil and gas production companies up to 50% of the cost of handling contaminated water and returning processed water to the oil & gas operator for reuse, while also providing environmental benefits.”

Aquatech International‘s mobile technology line includes products such as MoTreat™, a suspended solids separation, filtration and disinfection unit, and MoVap™ an evaporator/distiller. These products address challenges that oil and gas companies face regarding the handling of wastewater by processing the water on-site, thus eliminating the need to truck the wastewater to disposal sites.

The mobile units can be rapidly moved from site to site to meet changes in demand. On-site processing is environmentally friendly and reduces expenses associated with the transportation and remote processing or disposal.

Devesh Mittal, VP of Industrial Solutions at Aquatech commented, “The combined oil and gas industry experience of STW and Aquatech will provide customers with cost effective and reliable solutions at drilling sites. Aquatech mobile units are complemented by our modular units including crystallization at central treatment facilities to achieve zero liquid discharge, thus offering a complete solution to the oil and gas customer that is environmentally friendly and economically viable”