Static mixer designed for desalination pretreatment

A static mixer specifically designed for desalination pretreatment use has been launched by UK-based Statiflo International.

The static mixer, called the DesalMixer, is a short-length insertion-type device that produces a higher mixture quality at a lower pressure-drop than mixers currently available in the market.

High mixture quality (typical coefficient of variation: 0.05) is achievable up to as close as 3 diameters downstream and comes with minimum dosing of additive(s), eliminating overdosing to enhance downstream separation efficiencies and membrane lifespan. The requirement for dosing lances with small additive release holes, or internal baffles, has been eliminated.

Statiflo’s DesalMixer introduces the dosed chemicals at the pipe wall, where they are drawn and dispersed into the main flow resulting in their complete mixing. The absence of injection lances eliminates blocking, reduces maintenance and lowers the overall cost of the mixer.

Another feature of this mixer is the availability of three standard lengths – ultra short length (0.25D), standard length (0.5D) and extended length (1.0D) – to cater for very rapid mixing or slow mixing depending on the chemistry of the application. It also allows Statiflo to custom design a mixer to suit the available pressure-drop in the site hydraulics.

The mixer is available in all standard and custom diameters from 300 mm to several metres.