Singapore and Tianjin next IDA Academy venues

Singapore is the venue for the next course in the schedule of the International Desalination Association (IDA) Academy.

That will be followed by three parallel one‑day courses at the IDA World Congress in Tianjin.

The IDA Academy’s Singapore course on 16‑19 September 2013 will include: optimization of reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination plant design; life-cycle costing of critical desalination plant components, membranes, energy recovery, marine intake and outfall engineering and technology system; the effectiveness of pretreatment in reducing and eliminating organic and biofouling in SWRO and wastewater desalination; and future trends of desalination technology such as forward osmosis, membrane and brine discharge and outfall design issues.

Topics in Tianjin on 25 October 2013 will include advanced thermal and membrane technologies; and specialized topics, providing a comprehensive understanding of desalination processes and practices. One course will be taught in Chinese to benefit members of the Chinese desalination community.

More information will be available by the end of June 2013 on the IDA website. Queries should be emailed to the Academy.

· IDA has also announced the first graduate of its online International Reverse Osmosis Certification (IROC) Program, Alain Richard of the Brazos Regional Public Utility Agency, Texas, USA. Course catalog and prices are available at IDA’s training website.