The Southeast Desalting Association (SEDA) is to hold a Workshop on Brackish and sea water reverse osmosis operational variances in Gibsonton, Florida, at the Tampa Bay Desal II Water Treatment Plant.

The workshop, which will include a tour of the plant, will be on 12 September 2013.

The SEDA workshop will also include:

· Background on Membrane Technology and Pretreatment
· Basic Brackish and Seawater Membrane Element Construction
· Brackish and Seawater Operational Differences
· Brief Review of Tampa Bay Desal II Plant Operations
· System Differences Between Seawater, Brackish Water and Nanofiltration Processes Including System Layout and Items Particular to the Water Being Treated
· Wrap up and Discussion

A .pdf file containing further information, the complete program and a registration form is downloadable from the SEDA website.