Siemens to launch new CEDI products at Aquatech

The Siemens Industry Automation Division will present several new products for high purity water treatment at the Aquatech show in Amsterdam on 1-4 November 2011.

One will be the newly launched Ionpure 600VDC G2 power controller, an advanced, solid state rectifier for Ionpure continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) water purification modules. In comparison to earlier controllers, it delivers increased reliability and module control versatility.

As it is compatible with all Ionpure MX, LX and VNX modules, the G2 controller reduces cost and complexity of system integration. Siemens also offers a precisely aligned digital display to fully exploit performance monitoring outputs.

Siemens will also highlight other new developments in CEDI technology, such as additions to the Ionpure LX and VNX product lines. Two new products are designed for mid-range flow applications extending the LX flow capacity for pharmaceutical water.

The LX 45-X module produces high-purity water and is suitable for pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage applications, while the LX 45-HI introduces the option of continuous high-temperature operation. Both products deliver a flow rate increase of up to 50%, in comparison with earlier LX modules.

The Ionpure LabXT unit, which was developed as a replacement option for several Elix laboratory water system models, will also be featured at Aquatech. This line of EDI modules is designed with thin-cell and four-pass technology to meet the needs of operation on single-pass reverse-osmosis water systems. OEMs can now incorporate a proven and reliable EDI solution into these compact modular systems that operate from 3 to 10 l/h.

An expanded range improves the applicability for EDI and has common benefits with reduction in both chemical usage and cost to industry per unit flow of purified water. This is a core advantage of CEDI over conventional deionization, which requires the chemical regeneration of resin beds and produces a chemical waste component.