To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Water En Energiebedrijf Aruba NV, the Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA) is holding a conference and exhibition on the island of Aruba during 19- 22 June 2012.

Titled 80 Years of Desalination Makes For One Happy Island, the event invited abstracts by 1 November 2011, with completed papers due by 16 March 2012.

Intended subjects for the conference are:

1.Technology & Innovations

2.Planning & Management
3.Finance & Economics
4.Regulations and the Environment

5.Seawater Reverse Osmosis Applications
6.Desalination using Green Energy
7.Thermal Desalination

The email address for abstracts is [email protected]. More details can be found on the CaribDA website, while queries can be answered by phone on +1 772 781 8507.