Second-generation ceramic membrane launched by Hyflux

A second-generation InoCep hollow-fibre ceramic membrane was launched by Hyflux CEPAration Technologies BV at the Singapore International Water Week on 23 June 2009.

The new InoCep combines the simplicity and compactness of polymeric hollow fibre membranes with the hardiness of ceramics, making it suitable for highly demanding wastewater applications that involve high temperatures, pressures and/or aggressive solvents.

Exploiting the superior characteristics of improved aluminium oxide, InoCep is capable of sustained filtration in temperatures of up to 120ºC and is able to withstand the full range of pH values. This compares favourably with existing membrane separation applications, which typically can only withstand temperatures below 100ºC and pH values from 1.5 – 11.

Another key feature is its hollow-fibre configuration, which has the ability to filter from both “inside-out” and “outside-in”. Hyflux says its crossflow configuration also reduces fouling drastically, ensuring longer operating durations and less downtime, all of which significantly reduce operating costs for users.

“The characteristics of the InoCep system makes it ideal for solving separation bottlenecks in a wide range of industries, such as metal/steel mill, chemical processing, food & beverage, biopharmaceuticals and many others,” said Roland Low, director – technology commercialisation, Hyflux. “It offers our clients even higher flux and robust mechanical strength, and its configurations can be easily customised to suit many applications.”

Australia-based H2O Industries Pty Ltd has benefited from the switch from channel ceramic membranes to InoCep in its treatment and recycling of laundry water.

“With the switch, water can be recycled at the ideal washing temperature of 50ºC, resulting in energy savings of 22%,” said Kyle Wolff, general manager. “The permeate quality is also better, and we are also optimistic that the water recovery rate can be increased from the current 57% to 70-80%.”

For more information, contact: Claire Ng, Asst Vice President, Corporate Communications, Hyflux Ltd
Tel: +65 6580 6814
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