Pilot tests for dopamine anti-fouling technology

Seed capital totalling US$ 500,000 for the development of a dopamine-based membrane anti-fouling technology has been raised by Advanced Hydro Inc (AIC), based in Austin, Texas, USA, the company announced on 6 January 2009.

AIC has also concluded licensing terms for the technology from the University of Texas at Austin (UTA).

AIC is now setting up pilot projects to demonstrate the value of the technology, which allows modification of all wetted parts in a module, including membranes, housing, and spacers, by simply flowing a specialized solution through the module. Laboratory data show a 30-50% improvement in the flux of commercial membranes used to purify high-fouling feed streams.

“Dopamine technology has shown great potential for alleviating fouling in membrane-based water filtration systems,” says Prof Benny Freeman, Professor of Chemical Engineering at UTA.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to commercialize this promising cost reduction technology, as the need for clean, easily accessible and affordable water has been on the rise,” said Dr Dileep Agnihotri, CEO of AIC, “and I am very delighted to have Quercus Trust and 21 Ventures as investment partners.”