New US/Canadian contracts for H2O Innovation

Canadian H2O Innovation Inc announced on 21 December 2011 that it had recently been awarded new membrane water-treatment contracts totalling Can$ 4.7 million (US$ 4.6 million).

These contracts will see the company provide custom-built systems and equipment to industrial and municipal end-users in the US and Canada. They bring H2O Innovation’s equipment sales backlog to Can$ 30.6 million (US$ 30 million) as of 21 December 2011.

One of the contracts will see H2O Innovation deliver a 1.15 MGD (4,350 m³/d) two-train reverse-osmosis (RO) system for the production of process water at a textile plant for a repeat customer. For a public utility company based in the US Mid-West, the supplier will build a double-pass RO system followed by electrodeionization and mixed-bed polisher for boiler make-up water production.

Another contract will see H2O Innovation build and deliver a system to the Municipality of Sainte-Hélène de Bagot in Quebec, for which the company will manufacture a nanofiltration membrane system for the production of drinking water from underground sources.

All projects announced today will be manufactured in the company’s two North American plants in Ham-Nord, Quebec, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.