Mobile desalination fleet aimed at power industry

Ecolutia Services unveiled a new fleet of mobile reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination plants at the Power-Gen Europe 2010 event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 8 June 2010, aimed at the power industry.

The high-flow and high-efficiency fleet can produce approximately 1,500 m³/d of treated water, reduce costs, reduce fresh water extraction, reduce wastewater discharge and reduce project water footprints, says Ecolutia, which is part of the Stultz Hager+Elsässer Group.

The seawater and brackish water variants are both containerised for ease of deployment globally at short notice. Automated technologies are incorporated to ensure optimised system performance and a lower cost of operation.

The seawater system, known as the Triton SWRO60, incorporates a two-train design providing a product flow of 60 m³/h (265 GPM), with integrated energy recovery devices and a power efficiency of <2.8 kWh/m³. The brackish water system, known as the Triton BWRO65, can treat surface waters to a quality suitable for use in all industrial applications. The system incorporates two tanks to allow custom loading of filter, carbon or ion-exchange softening media as pre- or post-treatment. The system also includes on-line monitoring, automated backwash and regeneration sequencing for system control. Chemical feed systems are deployed for scale control to optimise performance and the fail-safe shut-down features ensure quality and quantity of water is maintained during operation. The scope of treatment ranges from brackish water borehole of 10,000 TDS through to high salinity seawaters of up to 45,000 TDS, without compromising output. Such a wide treatment profile offers added confidence in the robustness of the system and project success. For more information, contact: Shiraz Butt, Marketing Manager, Ecolutia Services
Tel: +44 1733 292 000
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