GE signs up for Indian industry wastewater reuse partnership

GE and Ramky Enviro Engineers, the Indian environment and waste management organization, have signed emergency water and industrial wastewater treatment agreements specifically designed to address India’s industrial wastewater treatment and recycling needs.

Under the agreement, announced on 5 June 2010, GE’s ultrafiltration (UF) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology will be utilized by Ramky for wastewater treatment and recycling in India’s industrial sector. It is estimated that the need for advanced wastewater treatment in this sector will increase by approximately 18% each year.

This demand is driven by new regulations combined with greater efforts from the industry to meet environmental responsibilities. Shortage of process water in most parts of the country also is driving the need for recycling of wastewater.

Ramky and GE also will bring the concept of mobile water treatment plants to the Indian water sector. The mobile plants also can help meet water requirements during periods of project implementation and construction as well as during the summer season when water shortage is endemic in India.

GE and Ramky have started working with industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, non-ferrous metals and tanneries. They are implementing projects in effluent treatment based on MBR and UF technologies at several sites including Pharma CETP, Pattancheru (Hyderabad), NTC, and Volkswagen India Ltd., Pune. The agreement emphasizes pilot studies prior to the implementation of projects.