Masterclass webinar to look at combining reuse and desalination using forward osmosis

Award-winning researcher, Gaetan Bandin, will present the next Desalination and Water Reuse Masterclass Webinar on 30 June looking at opportunities and challenges for forward osmosis and pressure assisted osmosis (PAO) to combine water reuse and desalination.

Blandin will discuss:

  1. Impact of hydraulic pressure on deformation of forward osmosis membranes properties and water and salt transfers;
  2. Respective impact of osmotic and hydraulic pressure on membrane fouling and adapted cleaning strategies;
  3. The fate of trace organic contaminants in forward osmosis and PAO processes; and
  4. Economics / integration in desalination and water reuse treatment processes.
  5. Blandin has worked during 13 years in the industry in Belgium’s Lhoist research centre where he has led product development, process optimisation and customer support for water treatment applications related to lime/limestone products. He has with expertise in water softening, water rehardening, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and sludge drying.

    He participated to the development of new products from the laboratory to industrial implementation and he is the inventor of three international patents related to those products He is currently studying for a doctorate with the Ghent University (Belgium) and the UNESCO centre for membrane science and technology at the University of New South Wales (Sydney/Australia). His work is in assessment of pressure assisted forward osmosis (PAO) for energy savings in desalination and is funded by the National Centre for Excellence in desalination Australia.
    To register for the webinar click here.