Lanxess’ new space feeder cuts costs

Specialty chemicals company, Lanxess, has launched new reverse osmosis (RO) elements from its Lewabrane product line with improved performance “thanks to innovative feed spacers”. The new elements bring “considerable cost-cutting potential” said Lanxess.

According to Lanxess the alternating strand design (ASD) feed spacer deploys strands of differing thickness to “create space between the membrane surfaces for fast-flowing water, support the membrane in the process and cause turbulent water flow.” Lanxess said the turbulent flow helps to lower salt concentrations at the surface of the membrane and to reduce the extent of concentrate polarization.

Head of research and development with Lanxess’ membrane facility at its Liquid Purification Technologies business in Germany, Dr Carsten Schellenberg, said that by optimising flow in the RO element the ASD feed spacer lowered energy consumption. And the “tendency towards scaling in the element was reduced” on using ASD feed spacers.

Lanxess has produced two new products, optimized for applications in brackish water. Lewabrane B400 LE ASD is characterised by “very low energy consumption” while the Lewabrane B400 FR ASD displays high fouling resistance. The new products were developed in a cooperative research project involving Lanxess and regional and international partners.

A poster on the performance details of the new element, Novel Feed Spacer Design for RO Elements with Enhanced Performance for Waste Water Treatment, is being shown at the AMTA /AWWA Membrane Technology conference currently underway in San Antonio, Texas.