Inge’s ultrafiltration technology wins place in desalination upgrade

Subsidiary of chemical giant, BASF, Inge, will supply its ultrafiltration technology for San Jose Water Company’s upgrade of its 40-year old Montevina Water Treatment Plant. Inge forecast the project will be “well noted in the industry.”

Inge’s technology won through following analysis by engineering consultant, HDR, using an interactive multiple criteria decision tool. The tool was designed to provide performance and economy assurance for new membrane technologies. HDR and San Jose Water’s choice of Inge and H2O Innovation for the upgrade was based on the findings from the decision tool.

“This successful project will be well noted in the industry and it may underline Inge expertise for future projects,” said Inge sales director, Josef Wunram.

“San Jose Water and HDR ranked us highest on non-cost related benefits, lowest 20-year present worth value and highest benefit-to-normalized cost ratio”, said inge Membrane Solutions’ technical manager, Scott Caothien.

Inge’s Multibore ultrafiltration technology was subjected to a 90-day proof of performance test during which it performed as projected according to Inge.

San Jose Water said it looked forward to “operating its water treatment plant once it is upgraded with robust, hydrophilic, ultrafiltration Multibore membranes.” The water company’s director of water quality and environmental services, Francois Rodigari, said “The new membranes will enable San Jose Water to produce increased volumes of high quality drinking water by being able to treat high turbidity water during storms”