Koch to introduce new MBR at WEFTEC

Koch Membrane Systems Inc (KMS) – one of two* notable absentees at the International Desalination Association’s World Congress exhibition in Perth – announced on 7 September 2011 that its latest Puron™ membrane bioreactor (MBR) filtration modules would be introduced at WEFTEC 2011 on 15-19 October 2011 in Los Angeles.

The Puron PSH1800 MBR product claims superior solids management and reduced energy and life-cycle costs with a 10% lower aeration requirement and a 10% greater surface area than competitive products, and up to a 25% capacity increase from previous Puron generations.

The new module the Puron central aeration and single-header design to offer 1,800 m² in a 1.75 m x 2.42 m footprint, resulting in one of highest packing density, smallest footprint MBR modules available in the marketplace. In addition to the PSH1800, KMS is offering the PSH300 and PSH600, both compatible with other commercial MBR systems.

KMS will also introduce the high area Puron PSH2600 module, designed for tertiary wastewater treatment. Based on the same technology as the Puron MBR modules, the PSH2600 submerged reinforced hollow-fiber module features the innovation of single-header design with 73% more membrane area than existing Puron modules.

*The other was FEDCO.