Isobarix offers retrofit ERD for PX devices

Desalination energy-recovery device (ERD) originator, Isobaric Strategies Inc (Isobarix), launched a retrofit Isobarix unit at the International Desalination Association’s World Congress in Perth in early September to be used as a substitute for the existing PX-65 series from Energy Recovery Inc (ERI).

The PXCM (PX Converter Module) cartridge is an internal unit that seamlessly fits inside the pressure vessel of any PX-180, 220 or 260 and offers higher efficiency, less mixing and extended flow range up to 350 GPM (22 L/s).

Isobarix also announced that its first commercial installation of the XPR (aXle Position Rotor) product line of isobaric ERDs has been in operation for 24 weeks without any incidents. The company claims that XPR technology offers 60-100% more flow per similar sized unit compared to current market-leading technology offered by ERI.

The product line offers unit flows of up to 500 GPM (31.5 L/s) seawater reverse-osmosis (SWRO) and 300 GPM (18.9 L/s) brackish-water RO. It utilizes a proprietary pressure vessel in titanium or 316 L stainless steel compatible with common feed sources, including processing liquids used in the gas and oil industry.

“Contrary to uncertain new SWRO market growth projections, the existing world-wide ERDs will have to be maintained in operation throughout the lifetime of the desalination plant and represent a considerable retrofit market potential,” asserts Leif J Hauge, president and CEO of Isobarix.

“Our expectation of the new XPR device has been completely fulfilled, and we are ready to start retrofitting our second SWRO train this fall,” stated Martin A Lindberg, operational manager at the desalination plant at Avedøre Unit 2 power station operated by DONG Energy AS in Copenhagen, Denmark. The advanced power plant use a variety of fuels, including natural gas, oil, straw and wood pellets and need fresh water for boiler feed and district heating and operates at an exceptional energy utilization of up to 94%.