Karachi desalination plant recommissioned

Almost a year after it fell into disrepair, the Defence Housing Authority Cogen Power & Desalination Plant in Karachi, Pakistan, was recommissioned on 27 August 2009.

At a ceremony at the Defence Authority Country and Golf Club, Nasim Khan, managing director of Defence Cogen Ltd (DCL) informed the gathering that the damaged Cogen plant had been repaired and had been producing water and electricity since 21 August.

Khan said that the plant was in testing/precommissioning mode and that all tests including plants vibrations test were giving technically sound results. He added that the Cogen plant should start commercial functioning by the end of August.

He asked DCL to ensure that Phase II of the Cogen Project took off “timely and successfully”. This project consists of a similar power and desalination plant with a capacity to produce 105 MW and 5 MIGD (22,700 m³/d) water.