Energy-recovery innovation in Hydranautics desalination software

The ability to model the use of an energy-recovery device (ERD) in the form of a work exchanger or pressure exchanger is a major new feature of IMSDesign 2009, the latest version of Hydranautics’ comprehensive membrane projection software, which allows the user to accurately design a reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination system.

Hydranautics claims that the energy-recovery feature is a membrane industry first.

With the input of a few simple parameters from the engineer’s ERD supplier of choice, the program will be able to model the effect on feed salinity and energy consumption. This ability will help designers better understand how best to utilize energy-recovery technology and understand the impact it will have on the RO permeate quality.

IMSDesign 2009 also includes the latest LD Technology® elements, designed to minimize the effects of fouling and enhance the cleanability of membranes. The program will also have a number of new seawater products, such as the high-flow/low-energy SWC6, the high boron-rejection SWC4+B, the new 440 ft² seawater MAX elements, as well as new brackish and seawater 16 in diameter RO elements.

All of these products will help the design engineer lower the cost of the RO process for their particular application.

Hydranautics continues to provide ROdataXL – an easy-to-use normalization program that tracks the performance of any RO system to assure optimum performance. The application integrates proven normalization equations with the power and versatility of Microsoft Excel.

Designed with userfriendly forms and controls as well as automatically updated performance graphs, ROdataXL makes it easy to track RO system performance. The program can also be modified and customized by any user familiar with Microsoft EXCEL, making ROdataXL one of the most flexible normalization programs in the industry.

To assure the highest standards of data integrity, the normalization program is in compliance with ASTM Standard D 4516-85, “Standard Practice for Standardizing Reverse Osmosis Performance Data”

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